The Baron Blasko Mysteries Book 1

Josephine Nicolson never meant to have a vampire living in her basement.

But then a journey to spread her grandfather’s ashes in Romania goes spectacularly wrong. Finding herself inexorably bound to Baron Dragomir Blasko, she’s faced with the choice of living out her days in his crumbling fortress or bringing him home with her to Alabama. It doesn’t take her long to make up her mind.

With the assistance of Josephine’s suspicious maid, the pair settle into an uneasy cohabitation… until a murder just across the street causes Josephine to wonder if Blasko is to blame. As the body count rises, Josephine and Blasko must work together to prove his innocence and to find the real killer before they become his next victims.


The Baron Blasko Mysteries Book 2

There is evil afoot in the town of Sumter, Alabama… and it’s not the vampire in Josephine Nicolson’s basement.

A man is found stabbed through the heart and the blame is placed on Ronnie Dunn, the brother of Josephine’s maid. Not long after, another man is found with a knife in his head and the most obvious culprit is local sheriff’s deputy, and Josephine’s ex-flame, Bobby Tucker.

Convinced that neither man is guilty of the crime he’s accused of, Josephine enlists the aid of Baron Dragomir Blasko to help find the real murderer. What follows is a dark journey into the occult that just might get them all killed… or signal the end of the world.


The Baron Blasko Mysteries Book 3

After inviting a vampire to live in her basement and stopping a cult from summoning an ancient evil, Josephine Nicolson figures she’s seen it all. But that’s before her small Alabama town becomes the hunting ground of a bloodthirsty monster.

The local sheriff is convinced that a wolf or a bear is responsible for the grisly deaths, but Baron Dragomir Blasko is sure the sheriff is wrong. He believes a werewolf is stalking the community and that he is the only one who can stop it

Enlisting the aid of friends old and new, Blasko and Josephine set out to find the beast before it can kill again.


The Baron Blasko Mysteries Book 4

Josephine Nicolson and the vampire in her basement set out on a quest to discover what caused her uncle’s death twenty years ago.

Josephine and Baron Dragomir Blasko arrive on Florida’s Cedar Island to find an eccentric group of guests assembled at the local hotel… and a host of unwelcoming islanders with a frightening secret.

A letter from her Uncle Petey points Josephine toward a cache of unusual treasure hidden somewhere near the island, but it’s soon apparent that both the newcomers and the locals will do anything to find it, including commit murder. Blasko and Josephine soon find themselves caught in the middle, up to their necks in danger.