November’s Past

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 1

The job of criminal investigator in a rural Florida county is never easy, but it’s even harder when your father is the sheriff.

When Larry Macklin investigates the murder of a mutilated stranger, the search for the victim’s identity intersects with an arson investigation. The common thread is a small group of people who were in high school together in the ’70s, including Larry’s own father. Before Larry can rule any of them out as the killer, one of them turns up dead.

Why is the murderer targeting this particular group? What past secrets could be worth killing for now? Larry is running out of time and suspects, and his search for the truth may make him the next victim.

December’s Secrets

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 2

Still smarting from his disastrous last date with Cara Laursen, criminal investigator Larry Macklin is nevertheless thrilled to get a call from her. But when he arrives at her house, he finds the chief suspect in his latest murder case sitting in her living room—her father, Henry.

Henry claims he is being framed and Larry wants to believe him, but evidence suggests otherwise. And when another murder occurs with direct links to Henry, Larry can’t stop him from being taken into custody.

For Cara’s sake, Larry will do anything to prove Henry’s innocence, but will he have to sacrifice his own ethics and risk obstructing justice in order to do it?

January’s Betrayal

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 3

The specter of corruption has hovered over the Adams County Sheriff’s Office for months. Criminal investigator Larry Macklin is convinced he’s identified a mole for drug dealers within the department, but he doesn’t have enough evidence to prove it.

Larry’s attention is diverted when a recently released suspect in a series of rapes is shot and killed in the act of raping and murdering a woman… or so it seems. But the more Larry digs into the case, the more it becomes clear that the incident is part of a larger conspiracy—one that could have a devastating effect on his father’s career as sheriff.

Larry is desperate to find the real killer and to protect the reputation of the sheriff’s office, but it just might lead him to make the biggest mistake of his career.

February’s Regrets

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 4

Following his resignation as an investigator with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Larry Macklin is working part time as a reserve deputy and trying to decide what to do with his life.

He’s drawn back into investigating against his will when his friend, Shantel Williams, asks for his help to find her missing niece, Tonya. While Larry initially believes that there’s a reasonable explanation for Tonya’s lack of communication with her aunt, it quickly becomes obvious that her disappearance is part of something more serious. The Swamp Hacker, a serial killer who stalked Adams County fifteen years ago, has returned and is killing again.

Unable to resist the hunt for a predator that eluded the sheriff so many years ago, Larry agrees to assist with the current investigation. It becomes a race against time as the murders become more brutal and more frequent. Will the killer escape justice a second time?

March’s Luck

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 5

Though happy to be back at his job as a criminal investigator, Larry Macklin is struggling to adapt to life with his new partner. But concerns about his work relationship quickly take a back seat to his personal life when his irrational ex-girlfriend, Marcy, returns to town.

Larry soon has bigger problems when members of a prominent local family are killed off one by one. As he tries to find the murderer before anyone else in the family loses their life, Larry’s investigation intersects with a hare-brained search for stolen Nazi gold.

Are the bumbling treasure hunters—Marcy among them—somehow responsible for the murders? Or is someone else picking off members of the family for financial gain? With a long list of suspects and a very short list of motives, Larry is going to need a lot of luck to solve this case.

April’s Desires

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 6

The peace of spring is shattered for criminal investigator Larry Macklin when his best friend, Pete Henley, is accused of brutally killing his daughter’s ex-boyfriend. Larry knows that Pete is innocent, but the evidence is heavily weighted against him.

Before Larry can even begin to clear Pete’s name, he is pulled off of the case to investigate a another murder where the prime suspect is the local chief of police. As Larry investigates the latest death, it soon becomes clear that the murders may be related, part of a string of killings stretching back almost two decades.

In order to solve the case, Larry will have to risk everything he holds dear—his ethics, his friendships, his loyalty to the sheriff’s department… and his life.

May’s Danger

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 7

Murder strikes close to home for criminal investigator Larry Macklin when his girlfriend, Cara Laursen, finds a body at the veterinary clinic where she works.

There are no signs of forced entry, making it clear that someone at the clinic must be involved in the murder. But before Larry and his partner, Darlene Marks, can make much headway in the investigation, another body is discovered and the clinic’s office manager, Sandra Strom, disappears.

Is Sandra a murderer or just another victim? Frustrated and increasingly concerned for Cara’s safety, Larry follows a trail of evidence that leads across state lines and deep into the world of a major drug operation. In over his head, Larry is forced to seek help from his old nemesis Matt Greene, now working for the DEA. Will they be able to find Sandra before it’s too late?

June’s Troubles

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 8

Criminal investigator Larry Macklin is enjoying a relaxing family vacation on the Florida coast… until a body washes up next door and all hell breaks loose. It’s soon apparent that the island’s hapless police chief is not up to the task of finding a murderer.

As more bodies are discovered, Larry and his father are drawn into the investigation against their will and far out of their jurisdiction. The situation is not improved by the arrival of the local sheriff, Will Duncan, a harsh man who resents the Macklins involvement.

Larry soon finds himself juggling both the murder investigations and his father’s increasingly tense relationship with the rival sheriff. When Duncan charges an innocent man with one of the murders, Larry knows he’s running out of time. Will he be able to find the real killer before his father is arrested for obstruction of justice… or worse?

July’s Trials

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 9

The Florida summer turns even hotter for criminal investigator Larry Macklin when he narrowly escapes an explosion that takes the life of a colleague. The assumed target of the bomb is Larry’s cross-dressing confidential informant and the key witness in a major drug trial, Eddie Thompson, who’s now on the run.

As federal agents descend on Adams County, Larry is pushed aside in the investigation over concerns regarding his status as a witness… and a possible suspect. At loose ends and with nothing to do but look for Eddie, Larry is consumed with survivor’s guilt and other emotional fall-out from the explosion that threatens to destroy the relationships he holds most dear.

Several breaks in the case finally bring Larry back into the investigation and lead to the person responsible for the bomb. But everything still doesn’t add up and Larry is convinced that the real killer is still out there. Can Larry and his partners solve the case before someone else loses their life?

August’s Heat

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 10

Criminal investigator Larry Macklin faces a classic who-done-it when Conrad Higgins, a local antiques dealer with questionable ethics, is found shot in his own home.

Larry soon realizes that half the town had reason to hate the man. Is the murderer the next door neighbor with an ax to grind? The friendly nursing home volunteer who believes Higgins swindled her mother? The rich silent partner with a checkered past? Or even Higgins’s nephew, who’s on the run from his own personal demons.

Larry barely has time to wrap his brain around all the options when one of the suspects is viciously attacked and another disappears. It’s going to take all his skills as an investigator, and a little help from his partners and friends, for Larry to crack this case.

September’s Fury

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 11

Having sparked the ire of a cantankerous county resident with plenty of money to burn, criminal investigator Larry Macklin is concerned he may have seriously damaged his father’s chances of re-election as sheriff. When he receives a mysterious phone call from the publisher of the local paper on Pelican Island, Larry is happy to distract himself with the investigation into a possible suicide that may actually be a murder with ties to one of his old cases.

However, the strange death quickly takes a back seat when the forecast calls for a Category 3 hurricane to make landfall just west of Adams County. But even as Larry and the rest of the department grapple with emergency management preparations, another body is discovered with evidence pointing to one of Larry’s biggest fears – that blackmailer and murderer Blake Klein might still be alive and targeting Larry for revenge.

As the storm rages, a killer moves closer to Larry and the ones that he loves. Will he stop the murderer in time, or will this be the case that robs him of everything?

October’s Fear

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 12

Finding a body in a pile of hurricane debris is definitely not how criminal investigator Larry Macklin wants to start his morning. The day turns even worse when the body is found to be that of millionaire Horace McCune, who’s bankrolling a smear campaign against Ted Macklin’s reelection as sheriff.

With only weeks to go until the election, Larry and his father are suddenly suspects in a murder investigation. And if that isn’t enough to worry about, Larry also has to contend with his eccentric future in-laws, who are camped out in his front yard and discussing pagan marriage rituals.

The list of people with a motive to kill McCune is long… and getting longer. The pressure is on to find the murderer before the election… or everyone just might be out of a job.

Spring’s Promises

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 13

Excitement is in the air at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office as the date approaches for investigator Larry Macklin’s wedding to his long-time love, Cara. But fate has other plans and Larry soon finds his personal life taking a backseat to an odd duo of murders.

Larry and his partners, Darlene and Pete, are quickly caught up in a convoluted web of strange cliques, financial intrigue and a woman on the run. An eccentric young volunteer for the position of Larry’s new confidential informant only adds to the confusion.

Then all hell breaks loose during an attempt to question a suspect and Larry finds himself suspended from the department. Can things get any worse before the most important day of his life?

Summer’s Rage

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 14

In the piney woods of North Florida, the cantankerous matriarch of an extended clan has called a family reunion to celebrate her ninetieth birthday. Tempers flare among family members and, before long, one woman is dead, her husband is on life support and her sister has blood on her hands.

Criminal investigator Larry Macklin is called to the scene. At first, it seems like an open-and-shut case: Paula Reece discovered her brother-in-law strangling his wife and she reacted with violence in an attempt to save her sister’s life.

As Larry interviews various family members, he begins to suspect that all is not as it seems. But with no concrete evidence of foul play, and with his lieutenant breathing down his neck to wrap up what appears to be a simple case, Larry is running out of time to prove his suspicions. Someone just might get away with murder.

Autumn’s Ghost

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 15

Halloween is just around the corner and there’s a dead body on the porch of Calhoun’s most famous haunted house.

At first, criminal investigator Larry Macklin scoffs when his partner insists that a ghost from an unsolved murder case is to blame. But even Larry has to admit that something very strange is happening when another victim is discovered inside the locked house.

Is there really a ghost at work, or does a flesh-and-blood killer know something about the house that no one else does? It’s up to Larry to connect the dots before more bodies stack up during the spookiest time of the year.

Winter’s Chill

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 16

Criminal investigator Larry Macklin faces the worst moment of his life when his father, Sheriff Ted Macklin, is attacked and left for dead by the side of the road. Larry’s days become a blur of hospital vigils and watching from the sidelines as his colleagues, Pete and Julio, launch an investigation into what happened.

In order to help clear their schedules, Larry takes over several cases from Pete and Julio, including a string of high-end auto thefts and a mysterious assault where the victim clearly knows his assailant but refuses to press charges. These do little to distract Larry from worrying about his dad, who’s slowly recovering but showing worrying signs of brain damage.

Then the department is rocked by a discovery that closes a five-year-old missing-person case… and points to a disturbing answer regarding the attack on the sheriff. As the Adams County criminal investigations team tries to tie up loose ends that don’t make any sense, a dangerous winter storm sets its sights on North Florida. Before the storm is over, Larry will find himself on a wild ride to catch the most mysterious criminal of his career.

Valentine’s Warning

Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 17

When a string of poison-pen emails causes havoc in Adams County, criminal investigator Larry Macklin is just glad it’s not his case—he’s more worried about whether he’s making a mistake applying for an open sergeant’s position. But the emails quickly become his problem when one of them leads to murder… and points to another investigator as the suspect!

Larry is soon caught in a web of suspicion, innuendo and unconnected threats that could destroy relationships… and lives.

Saturday’s Gift

An Illustrated Larry Macklin Short Story

Mauser the Great Dane is a fan favorite in the Larry Macklin series… But how did he come to join the Macklin family in the first place? Since this is Adams County, you can bet that it involves murder and mayhem!

Larry Macklin is just a year into his job as a criminal investigator for the sheriff’s office when a simple stolen car leads to a dead body… and an abandoned puppy. Not yet cleared to work a murder on his own, Larry is relegated to dog-sitting and investigating a chop shop while his department nemesis, Matt Greene, tries to track down the murderer.

But when Matt is transferred to another case, Larry is soon neck-deep in murder, drugs and gambling rings. Find out how he solves the case, catches the killer… and arranges a pet adoption.