Rumors of a lost Spanish treasure have caused gold-rush fever among the residents of Lang, Florida. Kay and Lee Lamberton are completely unaware of it until the college professor who started the craze becomes the latest resident of their funeral home after being found dead and hanging upside down from a deer stand.

Memories of her time as a nurse in Vietnam cause Kay to suspect that Professor Harrington’s death was more than just an accident, but there’s no evidence to support her gut feeling… At least not until the disappearance of Dwayne McKenzie, who owns the property where the professor’s body was found. McKenzie was last seen in possession of a journal in which the professor had recorded his search for the gold. Convinced that this can’t be a coincidence, and stymied by a disinterested local sheriff, Kay and Lee launch their own investigation into the death and disappearance.

Before long, the list of suspects grows. Was it the professor’s ex-wife… or the treasure-obsessed employee of the local feed store… or even the teenaged boy with the strange habit of wandering the woods alone? Will Kay and Lee figure it out before there are even more bodies to bury?