Who killed Santa Claus? That’s the question on everyone’s mind when local appliance repairman and seasonal elf, Hubert Dobbs, is found stabbed to death in his shop. Well, almost everyone… For Kay and Lee Lamberton, the foremost question on their minds is whether their funeral home will get the business.

Odds appear to be in their favor when Dobbs’s estranged daughter Alison, an old school friend of Lee’s, shows up seeking their help. She needs access to her father’s house to determine his wishes regarding the funeral, but the local sheriff’s office has the house on lock-down as they conduct their investigation into the murder. Chivalry on Lee’s part and idle curiosity on Kay’s soon see the siblings acquiring a key to the house from a neighbor and sneaking inside in the dead of night.

What they find in the house leads to a tangled web of extramarital affairs, a local gambling ring and evidence that the cuckolded husband who’s been arrested for the murder is innocent. With the knowledge that the sheriff’s office is on the wrong track, Kay and Lee begin their own investigation to find the person who really killed Alison’s father. But how many more people will die before they find the answer?